Right-to-Left Languages in mQ

Hello colleagues,
¿How are you all doing?
This is Ivan from Argentina. I’m an EN/AR into ES translator.
I have a question for the forum.
When I received projects from Arabic into Spanish, I usually work on Trados Studio. Since I’ve recently fallen in love with mQ, I just wanted to start working on mQ for my Arabic projects. The thing is that I’ve created a project from scratch but once I ended the setup, mQ only read the numbers, not the Arabic characters. Is there anything I’m missing or need to do in order to create a project with a right-to-left language in mQ?
Extra info: the source file is a Word file (edited from a PDF which went through OCR process)

Hola, Iván:

Mil disculpas por la demora: se me traspapeló tu mensaje…

Debería funcionar el árabe en memoQ. ¿Elegiste bien el idioma de origen? Esa puede ser una causa.

Espero tu respuesta.