Práctica 5. Ideas

Buenas tardes, acabo de terminar la práctica 5 y me gustaría compartir mis ideas :slight_smile:

  1. Hay Day:
    -En la granja de sol a sol. (On the farme from dawn to dusk)
    Comment:This translation sounds good because it has continuity with the original in the part where it says “while the sun shines”, but it is not a literal translation. It is also consistent with the plot of the game where you have to work hard on a farm to make money and unlock machines and levels.
    -No dejes para mañana el heno que puedas hacer hoy (Don’t put off until tomorrow the hay that you can make today. )
    Comment:I have used the word “heno” hay in Spanish, used in the name of the game, in the Spanish expression “no dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy”, which means that you should not procrastinate. I think this is good because as I have already said, in this game you have to be very productive in order for your farm to move forward.

  2. Clash of clans (a man and his hog):
    -¡A la cargaaa! (Charge!)
    Comment: I think this sounds good because of the wary tone of the game and the image. Furthermore, I think this is one of those times when it feels that you can hear what the character in a picture is saying and if you ask me he is ready for the adventure and is screaming something like that. “A la carga” is a way of saying “let’s go!”.
    -¡Menuda hay montada! (There is a lot going on!)
    Comment: It references the fact that the character is riding a hog, as in Spanish to ride is “montar” but it can also be used to say that something big is happening, like all the adventures and battles in the game.

  3. Clash of clans (sin texto):

  • Diversión con amigos… y enemigos (Fun with friends…and enemies)
    Comment: This translation is connected to the fact that in the game you can play with both friends online and enemies . And your friends can be your enemies as you are playing too. Furthermore, it implies that the game is fun to play with.
    -¡Que le parta un rayo al aburrimiento! (let boredom be struck by lightning)
    Comment:In Spanish “que te parta un rayo” is a common expression to say go away. It is a way of saying that thanks to this game you will forget about being bored because it is very entertaining. It is also connected to the fact that in the picture one of the characters is getting struck by a lightning.
    -¡Todo listo para dar guerra! (Everything ready for the war!)
    Comment: It is connected to the wary nature of this game in which you have to fight enemies and you go to war. “Dar guerra” is a common expression in Spanish.

4.Boome Beach:

  • ¡Qué tío más cañón! (What a strong guy!)
    Comment: This translation is directly connected to the image in which the character is holding a cannon gun, which in Spanish can be called “cañón”. In Spanish “cañón” can also be used to say that someone is strong like the character in the picture, so I have made a play on words with it, which implies both the gun and the guy.
  • Menudo arma se gasta (What a gun he has!)
    Comment: This one is risky to explain, but I think the original in English is written like this to make you think badly when you read it at first sight, but I also think it is done on purpose to be shocking and to catch your attention, so I have tried to do the same in Spanish.
    -Apunta, dispara y BOOM (Aim, fire and BOOM)
    Comment: This option is the simplest one, but I think that’s why it works. Besides, is playful and is descriptive of the image and of the game “Boom Beach” in which you have to attack other players using guns in order to destroy their defences and buildings. Another important note, I’ve also added the word “BOOM”, used in the name of the game, to the common expression “apunta y dispara” to personalise it more.

¡Hola, José Luis! Gracias por animarte a publicar tus soluciones, voy a ello. :slight_smile:

Me encantan las dos soluciones, la verdad. :smiley: Lo de “de sol a sol” no se me había ocurrido y encaja de maravilla, me gusta porque además es corto. Y genial también lo de “no dejes para mañana…”. :slight_smile:

¡También lo veo de lujo! De nuevo, me gusta más la primera opción, pero la segunda también está muy bien. :slight_smile:

Las dos me gustan por igual. :smiley:

Me gustan las tres opciones, aunque en este caso creo que me quedo con la tercera opción por hacer referencia a “BOOM”, tal como indicas en la justificación. :wink:

Me alegro de ver lo bien que has hecho este ejercicio, aquí lo has hecho como un verdadero profesional en mi opinión, por eso no tengo mucho que comentar. :smiley:

¡Sigue así! :slight_smile: